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Hi !

When a 'new disk type' for Amstrad ?

pending, what is the best 'disk type' to use for dumping cpc game (of course, original so Flux Image file for target)

Thks a lot
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You can use C64 for dumping Amstrad disks.
Can we expect to have a dedicated format in the software ? Wink
Yes, at some point. I am thinking about re-writing the entire copier portion to simplify it. Right now, every disk format has a dedicated copier routine. I should have one copy routine that call sub-functions for each type.
Hi !

C64 don't work.
Some explanation.
Windows 10 + Scp Card on latest software + Floppy driver CPC 3"

In, Drive/Disk Utilities, I choice Supercard Pro DRIVE 0
Start Track 0, H0
End Track 42, H2

Disk Media Test : OK, I can see (because the floppy drive is actualy on my desktop, the head Move.
I can see the Rotation of the motor for Each Track movement.
I have no probleme for going from Track 0 to track 41, always same 'head movement', same 'clock movement'

Ok, let's go to make scp image from what ever, game cpc disk.
Fonction => Disk copier/imager
Source : SuperCard Pro (Drive 0),
Start Track 0, H0
End Track 42, H2

Splice Mode and 5 revolution
Disk type, as you say, C64/128

Let's start...
Always, I can see the movement of the head and, for me, it's to big, it's seams move for 2 tracks physique when I see 1 track logical movement on your gui.
And... When it reach 21 or 22 Track Number (print on SCP GUI)
It always physically reach the END of track... The head 'slap' but don't move... off course, it physically can't.

Amplitude word exist in english ? yes ? I think The amplitude of track reading, the amplitude of 'quarter-turn' for move 1 track it's too Big.

When I use 'IBM 360K' Disk Type, it's seams, physically good.
When SCP Gui reach 42 logic track, it's reach real the 42 track, i can see That.

So... The C64/128 is NOT a good 'copy type' for CPC.

Until now, I have mainly use my SCP card for Dumping/working on ATARI and AMIGA
That why I did not have see this even.

Source : Hack of discology 3.3

Splice Copy with 5 revolution _ C64 Type = Catalogue is good under Sgugarbox but, loading don't work (Retry Ignore Or Cancel)
Splice Copy with 5 revolution _ IBM 360K Type = Work Good

You can find this 2 images here if you want to see :


Off course, same probleme in 'index' copy mode.

For next version, it will be a good idea to 'move' Copy mode type outside the scp executable, exemple in INI directory with a lot of configuration file that can be edited.
Or make option that we can edit this 'type'.

For example on CPC, The floppy drive as Only 1 Head, so... it' will be a good idea to make a 1 head Image Wink
As I say, C64 don't work and IBM360K has 2 Heads configuration.

See You
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
What drive are you using? Does it match the TPI in the pull-down menu?
For dumping CPC floppy, better is amstrad Floppy drive isn't it Wink
When I speak CPC, of course is Amstrad CPC6128.

So I can reply at your question, all of floppy amstrad drive I have.
(In memory, they are 5 models of amstrad floppy drive and I have already test all, same 'problem')

But, in this moment, I Use S70312 :
And, in the scp menu I have

5.25" - 48 TPI (Not selected and black)
5.25" - 96 TPI (Selected and Gray)

What is the difference between

- IBM360  (48 or 96 TPI, no matter, it always work, good 'step')
- C64/128   48 TPI (seems worked)

With C64, dumping mode, the noise of the head is :
'clack' - 'clack'  <----- wait...---> <go next track gui> Next Track            --- clack - clack

With IBM360, dumping mode, the noise of the head is not the same :
Is more linear...
Dump 1 track, on screen,  2 blue block.
The Head move 1 'clack'
but dumping is more fluid vs C64 type

You can find this 2 dumps always same url  : http://sasfepu78.fr/TEST/SCP/
names :


On Amstrad CPC 'old version, not the PLUS'
They are only 2 models that have floppy drive
Amstrad CPC6128
Amsrad CPC664

When I dumping CPC disk with kryo or scp, I connect a Amstrad CPC6128 source floppy drive
as i say : S70312

It's 1 head model.
178 Ko DATA avalible on amsdos.

[Image: SCP_DUMP.gif]
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
Both sides are always dumped, so this is correct. I don't have a CPC drive, so I can't really test anything.
Like I already said, they are NOT 2 sides on CPC...
Only One...So...

Each time we create a scp file, each time SCP create scp file with 2 sides.......
Great -_-'

Because, as we already ask, they are not CPC 'type' in the menu and we can
modify the configuration for changing some options.

You have files, I give you url, you can see exactly the difference between this 2 'methods'
Don't need to have a CPC for see differences between this 2 dumps
and don't need to have a CPC to add CPC option in SCP for dumping only 1 side.

I can see myself in five minutes, with aufit : positions of Sectors and length are not the same between this 2 dumps,
and I have not your experience on the subjet so...

if you can take 5 minutes, like me, you will see that (and more, i'm sure).
is'n it ?!
Work Together is the better idea to make the futur
Yes, I know they are not two sides on a CPC, but the copying code is in common for all disk types. The C64 can single step (instead of changing heads). Until I re-write the entire copier portion, it will always be this way.

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