SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
Can you please clarify how disks with the final sector overhanging into the index position would be handled in blind and non-blind modes, with respect to start position in the .scp track data?

If I understood things correctly, the blind mode would start strictly at the index position and the data field for the final sector should be truncated at the start of the index for the one-and-only stored revolution. Is that correct?

For the non-blind mode, I've seen some mentions of the start position being completely random, and others saying it sniffs the track data to determine a more suitable start position . If it's the latter, is the data from the reading point up to the selected start position discarded, or kept in the image?

I've only done some basic tests with some simple 10-sector MFM disks, which don't currently overhang the index. I'm seeing pretty much the same index-start position in the .scp images in both cases, but I want to make sure I support what might be stored. Almost everything will be index-synchronised, but the overhang is likely to crop up.

Really impressed by the hardware and software so far Smile

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