SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
Latest release supposed to handle strong bits. Is this right?

SPC format need to be updated (by the way do a search for 164 you still heve wrong info in some places).

If I understand correctly with the new version of the sw and strongbits the format is upward compatible but not downward compatible. Trying to red a new file format with old software will read without error but will provide wrong results.

Is the revision number of the file (major or minor) bumped?

It used to be that you could take the "length of the track in bit cells" as the number of entries in a buffer but this is no more true. For example if you have a buffer with 0 0 a in fact this is only one entry in the output buffer. Is this right?

So the actual number of entries in a buffer using 32 bits int will the number flux provided minus the number of 0 entry found.
If you want to read sequentially all flux from all revision you need to take care of this to avoid "holes" between revolutions.

Let me know if the above is correct.
I am modifying my code and I want to make sure I got it right

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