SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
I have been thinking about what you have said about making the .scp format a bit more open... I know YOU want to store more than 5 revolutions, and after looking at my info it appears that I can go ahead and change the specs to allow as many revs as you want without breaking the existing images! Fortunately, everything is offset based. If you are using the offsets and not hard coding what is typical when created by SCP (like 0x00000044 being the first offset to flux) then any program should be able to handle as many revs as are specified in the main header. For every rev you would have 3 long words (time, length, offset). You wouldn't have empty entries like we do now. Also, we really don't need to store the length of the flux space available when a disk is read/write capable. Read/write capable disks only have one revolution. The program that creates the read/write image (SCP, HxC, etc.) should be padding the flux space to the maximum size for the disk type. The flux data is placed in this space (starting at the beginning of course). The program using the image file only cares about the current track length (number of flux transitions) and should have no worry about exceeding the maximum space when expanding/contracting tracks. So, I think I will make these changes to the specification.

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