SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
ACK! You are right, the latest version was uploaded to the wrong folder! It is now there.

The only "fixed" thing in the file format is that there are 5 entries of 3 long words for each revolution. You can have flux data placed anywhere because it is pointer based, but you were concerned that the revolutions would not be stored sequentially, so I made a note to not break up the flux data (although you could still break them up and have the data correct based on pointers). I have limited the revolutions to 5 because that is what will fit in the on-board RAM of the SCP board, and since I have made this product so you don't need a PC to drive it, I wanted to keep that compatibility. I could have made the entries based on the number of revs, but that would still be limited to 5. It makes it easy to use a hex editor and search for 'TRK' and I can see the info easily when there is a padded space. Storing a few hundred extra long words is not going to make a big impact on file size. Also, there already thouands of .scp files that have been created and support added by several emulations an even HxC, so I won't change the file format now.

My MFM decoder uses anything higher than 5.2us and anything lower than 7.2 us as 6us. So, 5.2us and lower is considered 4us and anything above 7.2us is considered 8us. Of course, any data that is below 2.9us or above 9.2us is considered weakbits. This really for just showing you in the analyzer. You never need to know any type of decoded data to copy disks using flux.

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