SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
So, DrCoolZic, are you thinking of adding support for scp images to your flux transition analyzer? If so, I'm looking forward to that! I also appreciate your info-coach web site with the very informative details on the Atari FDC handling.

I read that your analyzer has support for PLL simulation for processing the bits. This is great for analyzing how the host systems will see the data as it would have been processed by their controllers. For straight conversion of flux to standard MFM/FM/others (no deliberate encoding/timing violations, just normal disks), do you find that this level of processing is required? Or is a simple range binning algorithm usually sufficient? ie. if flux timing is between 3.0us and 5.0us, consider it as an MFM "1", between 5.01us and 7.0us consider it a "01", etc..

Just wondering how difficult it is to get into conversion of flux timings to various other formats. Damaged disks that have timings that blur into other ranges obviously won't work with a simple algorithm, but from looking at the timings on my own disks (even old ones i've written to numerous times), it seems like the bands are very well defined for the most part.

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