SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
I'm referring mostly to Amiga/ST disks here, since C64 protections can't read index hole positions due to lack of a sensor.

You can only retain a reference to the index when spooling in 2 tracks using the analyzer if you choose the "index sensor->reads->required" option. Otherwise, it just comes in random and you can't tell where the hole is since its position wasn't recorded during the read. In many cases, the track alignment to the physical index hole is not required and the method you describe should work. But in some protections, it is. So I'm not sure why there would ever be a need to start a read at a random position (on a 3.5" disk) when you can start at the index. This way, you know data relation to index always, and you don't have to update the scp specification at all.

BTW, I've never had that "find invalid" button do anything for me. I click it an nothing happens. Doesn't matter if I'm in MFM or Flux view mode.

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