SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
The flux data starts either from the index pulse or some random location, depending on the FLAG bit 0. If bit 0 is set, then the read starts from the index mark. If it is clear, then the read was from any random spot on the disk.

Spooling in two tracks, like with the analyzer is how you can duplicate tracks that do not actually start at the index mark, and yet still retain a skew reference to the index (when reading using the index). When reading from the backside of a disk (without an index reference), you lose the index reference capability.

If you read two revolutions in and look at the data starting from the 2nd revolution onwards, you can locate the gap area (or actual write splice via the FIND INVALID option) and move the cursor to that location and click on the SET FLUX END button. That marks the end of the flux data. Now, if you click the WRITE TRACK button, the 1st entire revolution and the part of the 2nd revolution (up to where you selected the flux end to be) will be written back. The write starts with the index pulse.

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