SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
So does the scp format identify where the index pulse is in relation to the data for a non-index read image? I couldn't see a way to determine that from the spec. The only thing it shows is time from index to index, but that's unrelated to data location.

But, if you're storing 2 revolutions of data into the image file, wouldn't it just make sense to always start at the index anyways? You'll still get all the data, and the index location is implied as the start of the track data in the image. The challenge would then be to determine the actual gap location in the image, look at it's location relative to the index (which is now known as the start of track data in image) and calculate the time between them. Then when writing, wait for index, then wait X nanosec before writing out the gap-to-gap portion of the track data.

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