SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
Technically, you could check bit 3 (TYPE) of byte 0x08 (FLAGS). If the bit is clear, the image is a read-only image and you would be guaranteed that the revolutions are stored consecutive in the image and will never change. I will make this point in the documentation. Yes, copying the flux data to another buffer, placing the revolutions end to end would also work.

The index to index time is given as part of each of the 5 entries (along with total number of bit cells for the revolution, and the offset from the TDH). The bit cell times added together will equal the index to index time. Until I see Turrican, I can not believe yet that this will ever not be the case. Like I mentioned before, this could be drive dependent. It could be that some types of 3.5" floppy drives do not return read data during this 'no flux areas', while others do. As soon as Turrican arrives, I will know for sure and I will test a variety of drives. What other games use the same protection as Turrican?

Do you know of the program Crown Of Creation 3D?

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