SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
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Quote:10) flux data: I think you should FORCE (instead of recommend) that the data for the different revolutions must be adjacent. This is a MUST to be able to decode correctly DATA/ID segment bytes of a sector that span over the index pulse.

It doesn't matter where the data is placed in the file. The offsets are there to join everything. With this file structure, I can add new revolutions to the end of the file and just poke in the new track length, index-index time, and offset. Right now, the imager places all revolutions consecutively and the pointers point to the start of each revolution. But the data could be located anywhere so you need to be using the offsets when fetching the data from the image file.

Thanks for the replies. It's all clear.

The only thing that I do not like is this capability of having flux transitions from one revolution separated from the next one. But this might be a special requirement from the way I decode the flux. Currently when I am in a middle of decoding a sector I do not have to worry to know if the transitions belong to one revolution or the next as I have them all adjacent. But I can copy the data from your file into a large buffer. So this is OK.

One last thing were I am not clear is how to find out the position of the indew relative to the transitions. As i mentioned this is usually not a problem unless a huge transition is placed over the index like in Turrican sector 8?

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