SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
For Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back, Chaos Strikes Back - Utility Disk, and a bunch of midi programs I have had seen no issue identifying the write splice. In fact, with ST and PC disks (those that use the typical ISO layout) it is much easier to identify the write splice because typically there are a lot of them throughout the disk.

I do have logic analyzers and scopes. So, I can (and have on a regular basis) dump the flux transitions and store the data. I have never seen a single case ever where there is no flux transition on the RDData line for any real extended period of time. The read line would have to be held high during this time.

My code currently can generate as low as a 875ns pulse width. I didn't think it needed to be shorter than that, but perhaps it does? I could make it as low as 100ns if needed. It would really help to have some samples of disks that used this type of protection. Is there a list of disks that use this protection as well as those that use the "data under index" protection?

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