SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
I understand what you are saying about not getting any change in the read line state for some period of time. In testing I have found that this is not the case on any drive I have tried. Maybe it was the case for the WD1772 controlled floppy drives. But like I said, I have deliberately tried ultra short flux transitions and there is no case that I can create where there is a NRZ state like you describe. The drives will always (at some point) change the state of the RDData line due to the AGC and adjacent track magnetic flux transitions being picked up. But, to be sure, I have Turrican coming for testing. Can you tell me what other Atari ST games use this same protection? I will also get those for testing.

I don't worry about data over an index. Using the Blind Mode OFF uses two full revolutions, so somewhere on the 2nd revolution is where the writing is turned off when the actual write splice is found. What games use this type of protection? I should get some for verification too!

You have to remember that I don't ever look at decoded data, only flux level data. With the Amiga copier (SuperCard Ami) I also never looked at decoded data, only the raw MFM data stream. So, I never deal with sectors and headers and such, just flux transitions and determining the physical location of where the head writing was turned off.

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