SuperCard Pro Flux Image format (.scp)
I have read the scp image spec and it look nice and simple Smile
Just to make sure I got it right:
- the actual data for transitions flux recording are located by areas pointed by DATA offset right?
- Each time the HW detects a transition this will end up as one entry in the "Data segment". For example if we have the following transition sequence: 4µs, 6µs, 8µs etc ... this will be stored as 3 bytes with value 160, 240, 320 etc...
- One critical point: I do not see any information about the position of the transitions in respect to the index. In most cases this is not important but it can be critical in certain situation like no flux area where you can have flux transitions spaced by SEVERAL MILISECONDS! In that case it is important to know where the index is located with regard to the data

Data ______//^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\\________
Index _______________________________|^^^^|____________________________

Here is an example of a no flux area (NFA) located just above the index pulse


As you can see the NFA starts around 198.6 ms for a time of 2993 µs and therefore end up at the begining of the track (as the disk spin Wink )

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