Is it possible to copy Amstrad discs. I'm not even sure if they have any protection and what type. I just purchased a CPC6128 and curious.
You can duplicate ANY disk format that will fit in a 5.25" or 3.5" disk drive.
The card itself can copy all disks and create a .scp file, whatever the protection is.....BUT, you can not re-create some protection (like KBI19) back to a 3" floppy because it required a "special" 3" drive. That is the only restriction.

I have connected a 3" drive to the SCP and all is working fine.....except the config which is not adapted to a single head drive Sad
If the drive can physically write the data, it can make an exact copy. What protection are you referring to? The config handles single head just fine. You just get two copies of the same track in the file, of which only one is used during the write.
I read the info on the KBI-19 format from Simon's website. There are no issues reproducing this format, however, you might have to do this manually (using the editor analyzer) if the track start is not aligned to the index mark, which is sometimes the case for some versions (Titan). Track 14 can be reproduced manually. You might also have no problems just using the SPLICE mode, which should theoretically do this automatically.

I don't have a 3" drive or Amstrad setup to do any testing.
I will perfomed some tests this evening with KBI19 protection (it exists sevral version of it); I know that some disks are difficult to reproduce due to poor calibration of the drive....additionally, some format are not reproducible because of a physical protection and I was talking about this in my previous post (don't remember the name of this protection).
For information, protection not copyable is " hexagon"; it consists in having some data written in an area only "readable" but not "Writable" with a CPC drive (produced with an industrial tracer).
That makes no sense. The drive itself can write anywhere on the track. It could be the track does not start on the index. Send me a dump of this program (SPLICE MODE, 2 revs) and I can tell you exactly what to do to copy it.
it makes sense with 3" Amstrad is possible to copy it with a 3 1/2 disk but no a standard 3" drive.
About KBI19, you can try one of the original dump here:
I have been trying several times and it doesn't work on real CPC.

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