Problem: No Floppy in Drive / Write Protect

now that the software runs - i have some problems to read floppys propperly:

I connected the SuperCardPro as described in the manual/forum. I also flashed the SuperCardPro to the newest version and installed -and updated the software as admin.

When i start the software, everything seems normal - 2 devices are shown (SuperCardPro Device 0 & 1 - but i have connected just one). The LEDs at the SuperCard are both green (USB and the pretty lights). The floppy LED at the floppy drive is continiously lighted (seems to be unnormal - when i compare it to normal floppy controler use)

Whatever i do - the software allways tells me, that no floppy is in the device. I tried it with different disk types (1.44MB, 720kb) and different Software options. I tried it with 2 different 3.5" devices (Sony Model MPF920-C and a TEAC FD-235HF) (at the devices are no jumpers). I tried different wires and 2 different computers (one with Windows 8.1 64bit and another with windows 7 64 bit).

I powered the 3.5" devices with the help of an desktop PC (not via the SuperCardPro - is that correct? Is there anything to switch at the SuperCard itself (Jumper?). Could the 3.5" drives be incompatible? Is the constant light at the floppy drive correct?

Any Hints??

Sorry for my worse english Undecided
What cable are you using to connect the floppy drive to the SCP? It sounds like the cable is bad. If you only have one drive, then you should only see one drive and the LED should be off on the drive after the floppy port is scanned. I have the same Sony drive and there are no issues using it. I don't have the Teac drive, but there should also be no issues. Are you powering the drive by using a PC power supply's floppy power connector?

A bad cable or incorrect jumpers are the only thing that can cause two drives to show up when there is only one drive.
I tried four different kinds of floppy connection cables (see the photo). Its a mixture of old and new cables - i think the chance is very smal, that all of them are unuseable. There are cables with two and cables with just one connector.

The power supply of the SCP is done by my desktop computer. I have 2 connector cables (see photos), one is a direct connector at the power supply unit and the second is a Y- Cable, connecting the 5.25" power connector to a small floppy one.

The floppy drive and the power connectors should be ok, because a 3.5" floppy drive works well if connected to the dektop PC (Motherboard Asus P5Q).

At none of my floppy drives are jumpers to set. At the SCP just one jumper is connected (J1), none else.

Any Idea how to check whats wrong? Huh Thanks!

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In your first photo of the cables, the only one that I can see that should work is the cable that is 2nd to the right (grey cable). The end with the wires twisted in the middle should be plugged into the floppy drive and the opposite end plugs into the SuperCard Pro board.

Your power connection looks fine.
Did you get a chance to test the grey cable, connected as I stated. If the cable if flipped around so that the twisted end in connected to the SuperCard Pro board and the other end is connected to the floppy drive, the results can be exactly as you described with two floppy drives showing up.

im sorry i had no ime during the last week for some more testing. But this Weekend i retried.

I think you were right - the cabel i used before was wrong - there was a missing "twist" - i thing that caused the error.

Now i tried the cable, you told me. I also powered the floppy drive with the SCP - i brougt a correct cable. Result:no floppy drive is identified. The floppy drive LED is off and stays off the whole time. The two LEDs on the SCP are green. There is also power on the floppy - i can hear a quiet sound, when connectin the SCP to the USB Port.

Do you have sime hints for me, what could be the reason for the not identified floppy?

I hope the wrong Cable, didnt destroy the SCP. Is there a way/tool to see if SCP works right?

There is really no way to test the SCP's floppy port. If you plugged the cable into the board with the red stripe on the wrong (opposite) side of the connector, it can destroy the board's floppy drive interface port.

The manual has pictures of the cable connection, red stripe orientation, etc. That must be followed.

Are you powering the SCP with a USB port connected to a hub with at least 500mA of current?

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