Add parity to the baud-rate display
I have a Siemens terminal that insists on being 8O2 and it'd be handy to have the WiModem display parity info along with the bitrate.

BTW, it'd also be nice if it could support mark and space in addition to none, odd, and even. 

I am using it to figure out the config of that terminal that I can't persuade to enter the setup screen (and, thus, I needed to figure out the settings it's stuck with).

Can it be done on the next update?
What do you mean by "Display parity info along with the bit rate"? You can use either ATI or AT*B? to get the baud rate with the parity setting.

The hardware UART only supports ODD, EVEN, and NO parity options so MARK and SPACE are not possible.

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