Using the WiModem on PET machines
The WiModem can work perfectly on PET machines, but some changes are required.  If you are planning on getting a WiModem for your PET then please note in the COMMENTS section when placing your order that this is for a PET and not a C64.    The changes necessary for use with a PET:

1) Disconnecting pin 2 of the USER PORT connector from the WiModem PCB and soldering a wire to the power supply section of the WiModem to get +5V power.  That wire can be connected to any +5V source, and the cassette port is commonly used.
2) Cut jumpers JP1, JP2, and JP3.

JP1 and JP3 are located on the FRONT side of the board, both are slightly under the OLED screen (if you have that option). JP2 is located on the back side of the board.

Cutting the jumpers is easy using a small, sharp object like a hobby (X-acto) knife, flat-tipped screwdriver, etc.  You want to separate the connection between the two pads.  You are basically "scraping" the metal trace away that is connected between the two pads. See pictures below for details.

Located on the front side of the board, JP1 and JP3 not yet cut:


After cutting trace between the pads:


Located on the backside of the board, JP2 not yet cut:


After cutting trace between the pads:


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