BBSes with cursor navigation menus not working
So... I finally figured out where to get the Mystic BBS, and as I thought Telnet is not an option. In fact, modern terminals like NetRunner do not even offer support for serial based communications so you are stuck going through a direct TCP/IP connection using your PC and router.

There is a whole section on Telnet specific functionality in the Mystic BBS documentation. It is used extensively for things like the cursor movement.

I received one of the generic WiFi modems and the Zimodem firmware has the exact same result with the cursor keys adding ESC to them. So, I am not sure what to think.

I did chat with the SYSOP of ONYX BBS and found out that he is actually sending cursor functions as part of scripts. I have never checked to see what Telnet commands (if any) are being sent after the initial connection screen (before the lock screen, which has now been removed). It could be that there are many Telnet commands that are being sent. I literally support 4 commands, out of hundreds that are documented. So, I will see what else might be called.

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