Easiest way to get Amiga floppy contents as files, on a Mac
I just got the SuperCard Pro with a Sony MPF920 floppy drive and it's working great. I have some old Amiga floppies from almost 30 years ago that I want to archive as directory hierarchies. I am doing this on a Mac and I'm curious if there's a more direct way than what I figured out so far.

My process currently is:

1.) I run Windows 10 in VMware Fusion on the Mac
2.) In the Windows WM, I run the SCP app
3.) I create .adf files from my Amiga floppies
4.) Still in the Windows VM, I run a utility called "unadf" to extract the adf floppy image contents do a directory/file hierarchy
5.) I then copy that resulting directory hierarchy from the Windows VM over to the host macOS

The result of step 5 is the end goal. I.e. I am not interested in running an Amiga emulation or archiving the floppies exactly. I just want the directory/file content on my Mac.

Is there a more direct way to do this, especially from the Mac?

- Is there any software that can control the board from macOS directly?
- Is there any software that can extract the directory hierarchy from an .adf (or .scp) image and that is known to work on macOS? I could try to get the unadf tool to build on macOS, but if there's something else that already works on macOS that would save me some work.

It seems there are not many options to extract the contents of an .adf image, is there something other than unadf? Is there a tool that can do this if I save the images to the .scp format instead, or is that too low-level of a representation?

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