has anyone tried connecting wimodem to wimodem ?
For anyone interested in trying, I gave this a shot the other day but it was a bit hit n' miss. Hooked up two Amiga's, each with a WiModem232 on the same Local Area Network and we tried some games. Using a new top notch ASUS AC Wireless Router with good signal.

Lotus 2 requires pretty much zero latency over serial link but unfortunately this is not achievable over Wi-Fi on LAN and we found that the link disconnected within the first 30 seconds of starting a race.

Super Skidmarks was more tolerant as the game uses 2400 baud and we found that game fairly lag free on LAN.

Populous was an easy one to get going and was a joy to play.

Stunt Car Racer: Couldn't get this game to connect at all. We tried every baud rate but simply could not get a connection over serial link.

Knights of the Sky: Like Stunt Car Racer, this was another game that wouldn't connect either.

So far that's all we had time to test. So it would seem at this stage that best use case is BBS's and transferring files and, although a couple work, not so great for games.

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