WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II
(02-02-2018, 05:25 PM)utcv Wrote:
(02-02-2018, 12:25 AM)Kailef Wrote: Unfortunately trying to do this makes my modem break.

What model Apple II are you using?

128K Enhanced //e, Super Serial Card.   I don't really care if I can or can't see the commands I'm typing echoed back, I just want to see the modem respond to those commands.

I actually talked at length with Jim about this a few weeks ago, but he does a lot of support so he may not specifically remember.  I'll recap:

If I factory reset my WiModem232 and set my terminal (any terminal, not just Proterm) to 300 baud, I never see any responses on my screen to any commands that I type.  I don't just mean no echo back of the keys I press, I mean if I type (for example ATI or ATI1 the modem will not respond with anything.  It DOES hear what I say, because I can flip the screen, adjust the LED intensity, etc.  It just doesn't respond inside the terminal program.  If I just type AT the modem will not say "OK".  However, if I connect to something with ATDTaddress:port it will connect, and then if I use +++ to get to Command Mode, I can then type command and see the modem respond.

If I use AT*D1 I get the opposite effect - I can enter commands and the modem will respond on my screen when I am NOT connected to anything.  However, as soon as I dial and connect, the modem won't output anything to the screen at all until I disconnect.

If instead of AT*D1 I enter AT&C1 and AT&W to save the settings and powercycle the modem, the modem responds to my commands at all times..

Short version:  Unless DCD reports "on", I never see any data coming from the modem appearing on my screen, regardless of what terminal program I use.  Same symptoms with a different Super Serial Card in a different slot, and same symptoms with a completely different WiModem232.  (I purchased a second one)

This has nothing to do with Proterm specifically, so I apologize for sticking it in this thread.  :-)
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