Latest beta - changes
Release v1.70
  • Removed the experimental settings I was working on that should not have been available!
Release v1.80
  • Fixed an issue with creating .ADF image files.
Release v1.90
  • Fixed an issue with the GUI handling image file formats with two drives.
Release v1.91

  • Changed maximum track number to 83, so the maximum number of tracks is now 84 (0-83).
Release v1.92-v1.94 were internal releases with minor display issues and such.
Release v1.95
  • Changed Disk Media Test to use a randomized flux widths between 4us and 8us.  This verifies that the write is actually working!
Release v1.96
  • Fixed showing GCR sync marks in editor/analyzer.  The byte before the first FF was always being highlighted.
  • Added Skew option (MFM mode only) to change the bitcell time decoding window in editor/analyzer.  This allows decoding data written on a 300 RPM drive while using a 360 RPM drive.
  • Added Adjust Syncs option for C64/128 disks in editor/analyzer.  This pads the sync marks so they fall on even 8 bit boundaries, making it easy to identify headers without having to bitshift through the data.
  • Added ability to decode CBM GCR Headers and do checksum on data blocks in the editor/analyzer.
  • Correct edissue with CBM CGR density detection on last 5 tracks
  • Added C64/128 disk salvaging  to .d64 image files!
Release v1.97
  • Added support for skew value in GCR mode.
  • Corrected issue with low density disk formats and 48TPI and 96TPI disk drives.
Release v1.98
  •     Added new selection for Amiga HD (1760K) disks.
Release v1.99
  •     Fixed problem with GCR (and .g64) conversion with CBM disks.

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