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Genisis stack & Wimodem232 - desrat - 05-31-2021

I was able to get a connection(kind of) using Genesis tcp stack and Wimodem232.I get the connect message but no response.I'm using the aslip.device and the config file reads..serial.device 0 57600 10.x.x.x 7wire..am I missing something?..do I need to initialize the modem?This is farther than its ever responded so I know i'm on the right track.Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Genisis stack & Wimodem232 - admin - 05-31-2021

I don’t know anything about setting this up. If the connection uses Telnet then it would require you have Telnet emulation enabled.

The WiModem232 emulates a real modem so if you were to get this working on a real modem then you should be able to just substitute that for the WiModem232.