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WiModem232 case - admin - 01-19-2018

In the downloads area you will find the case for the WiModem232.   These are .stl files that you can import into your slicer and print your own case halves.  This is the case I was going to make injected molded (which also works with another product I have coming out - Paradrive).  This case was designed to be glued together.  I will make another version that uses M2 screws to hold the case together.

RE: WiModem232 case - Kailef - 01-23-2018

If I'm uploading them to a printing service, what size do I specify that it was modelled in? (Millimeters? Inches?)

RE: WiModem232 case - Byte Knight - 01-23-2018

Thank you for providing the case for free! Although, I had to buy a 0.3mm nozzle for my 3D printer so it won't really be free...

RE: WiModem232 case - admin - 01-23-2018

The STL files are in millimeters.

RE: WiModem232 case - PDrill - 05-16-2021

From the original files I modified something that suits me more, and I was wondering am I allowed to publish it in Thingiverse in case someone else too would find it usefull? Naturally with information about the original source.

[Image: wimodem232case.jpg]

RE: WiModem232 case - admin - 05-16-2021

Sure! They are many different case designs for the WiModem and WiModem232 on Thingiverse and other CAD sites. You are welcome to post it here as well.