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RE: WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II - Kailef - 02-02-2018

Unfortunately trying to do this makes my modem break. Once I issue the at&c1 command it stops displaying anything. (I reset with AT&F, then switched my terminal to 300 81N, and restarted the modem. At this point it doesn't echo back text I type, and it doesn't send responses to the screen, until I connect to something like and at that point I can use +++ to enter command mode and I can type things. I then set the modem up as you suggested with ATX1&C1&K1 and at that point it stops talking to me altogether. I can see that it still accepts commands because it will say "connected" and so forth if I connect to a site, but it never echoes what I type, gives me feedback from commands I enter, or displays any incoming text from whatever I'm connected to. Some Terminal Programs won't even open at this point. This is very similar to what I experienced early on with the modem. However, probably it's not right for me to hijack this thread! I'll get it set back up the way I had it before. (ATX4&D2&C0*D0*T1E0) (I have no idea why but when I had Echo turned on I was having problems issuing commands. Not sure if I was imagining things or not though. Probably was.)

RE: WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II - admin - 02-02-2018

You need to use ATE1 in order to have the commands echo'd back.  This is not a requirement of course, it's just so you can see the commands.  However, it seems that ProTERM does not like to have the commands echo'd back and just looks for an 'OK' response.  EVERY time ProTERM hangs up it is internally sending ATE0 to prevent the echo from occurring.  This drives me nuts!  I am always having to type ATE1 to get the echo back when I drop into terminal mode.

You need to do the follow with ProTERM (because it is too stupid to be able to switch baud rates from a simple drop-down menu!):

At 300 baud (and a 300 baud driver already loaded), go to terminal mode and change the baud rate to 9600 using AT*B9600 {RETURN}.

Now, go back to the menu and select INSTALL.  Select MODEM and then choose a 9600 baud driver.  I use the Generic Fixed-Speed (which works at ANY baud rate, I just so happen to use 9600 baud most of the time).  Use the init string of X1&C1&K1.  This turns on extended response mode, DCD, and hardware flow control.  Accept the settings.  Now, you can go use 9600 baud.

Don't forget that when you use the auto-dialer you MUST be selecting the SAME baud rate that you are using for the driver.  You can choose to use 2400 baud if the modem/driver is 9600 baud.

Your init string above is basically what I use - except that &C0 turns on the DCD full time, so there is no way for ProTERM to know when the mode connects via the DCD line - however, ProTERM only looks at the CONNECT message to know its connected.  ATX1(or X2 or X3 or X4) turns on extended mode so when you connect at 9600 baud it will see CONNECT 9600.  &D2 can be used to hang-up the modem (if you have cut the traces and made the jumpers as required), but ProTERM doesn't use DTR to hang up the modem - it hangs up the modem by sending +++ATE0V1H.  That string causes the WiModem232 to go into command mode, turn off auto-echo, turn on verbose mode, and hang up the modem.   So, technically the only thing you need in your init string is ATX1 - everything else is not used - except the *T1.  You should only be using that with BBS systems that require it, or you are going to have issues with graphics corruption and file transfers failing.

RE: WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II - utcv - 02-02-2018

(02-02-2018, 12:25 AM)Kailef Wrote: Unfortunately trying to do this makes my modem break.

What model Apple II are you using?

RE: WiModem232 and ProTERM 3.1 for Apple II - Kailef - 02-02-2018

(02-02-2018, 05:25 PM)utcv Wrote:
(02-02-2018, 12:25 AM)Kailef Wrote: Unfortunately trying to do this makes my modem break.

What model Apple II are you using?

128K Enhanced //e, Super Serial Card.   I don't really care if I can or can't see the commands I'm typing echoed back, I just want to see the modem respond to those commands.

I actually talked at length with Jim about this a few weeks ago, but he does a lot of support so he may not specifically remember.  I'll recap:

If I factory reset my WiModem232 and set my terminal (any terminal, not just Proterm) to 300 baud, I never see any responses on my screen to any commands that I type.  I don't just mean no echo back of the keys I press, I mean if I type (for example ATI or ATI1 the modem will not respond with anything.  It DOES hear what I say, because I can flip the screen, adjust the LED intensity, etc.  It just doesn't respond inside the terminal program.  If I just type AT the modem will not say "OK".  However, if I connect to something with ATDTaddress:port it will connect, and then if I use +++ to get to Command Mode, I can then type command and see the modem respond.

If I use AT*D1 I get the opposite effect - I can enter commands and the modem will respond on my screen when I am NOT connected to anything.  However, as soon as I dial and connect, the modem won't output anything to the screen at all until I disconnect.

If instead of AT*D1 I enter AT&C1 and AT&W to save the settings and powercycle the modem, the modem responds to my commands at all times..

Short version:  Unless DCD reports "on", I never see any data coming from the modem appearing on my screen, regardless of what terminal program I use.  Same symptoms with a different Super Serial Card in a different slot, and same symptoms with a completely different WiModem232.  (I purchased a second one)

This has nothing to do with Proterm specifically, so I apologize for sticking it in this thread.  :-)