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WiModem Problem - SpartanX79 - 12-22-2017


I just received my WiModem a few hours ago.  I managed to go thru the full setup without issues.  I even managed to connect to a couple bbs'.

However i powered down my c64 and powered it up a few hours later and the WiModem blinks blue under the OLED screen and if i try to open CGGMS 2017 as soon as it opens starts making this weird noised and the screen scrambles.

I tested this WiModem on a different C64 and the same results. Power supply was mad by Ray Carlsen in case someone wonders if im using the original brick.

Thank you.

RE: WiModem Problem - admin - 12-22-2017

The LED blinking blue is not an option that the WiModem can do.  What actually makes noise when you run CCGMS?  Make sure that you don't have something metallic sitting under the WiModem or touching it (shorting it).  Have you tried a different power supply on the off chance that the Ray Carlsen version has an issue?  The WiModem can't make the screen scramble.  It could be outputting data at the wrong baud rate though, that will make it send out random junk.  Did you remember to save the baud rate setting with AT&W if you changed it to something other than 300 baud?  300 baud is the default baud rate for the WiModem with the v1.97 (and later) firmware.

RE: WiModem Problem - SpartanX79 - 12-22-2017

Yes i tried a couple other power supplies but same result.

The blinking light is not coming from the led to the right of the display. Its coming from an surface mount led under the display to the left.

RE: WiModem Problem - SpartanX79 - 12-22-2017

Heres a link to a video i took

Thank you

RE: WiModem Problem - admin - 12-22-2017

Ugh! It looks like the RF module (something that I don't make) has failed. I offer a lifetime warranty on all of my hardware. Just return it and I will replace it. My address is on the CONTACT page of my website.

RE: WiModem Problem - SpartanX79 - 12-23-2017

Thank you.

Do i need to include something else besides the device?

RE: WiModem Problem - admin - 12-23-2017

Nope... you'll be the only one returning one that's defective.

RE: WiModem Problem - SpartanX79 - 12-26-2017


i shipped the device today via USPS. I will pm you the tracking number.

Thank you for the help.

RE: WiModem Problem - admin - 12-26-2017

Thanks, I will let you know what I find.

RE: WiModem Problem - admin - 12-30-2017

Well, it seems that your C64's power supply had a problem! The OLED display was actually burned up (scorched on the front side) and the power supply circuit was destroyed. You need to look at the output of your power supply to see what the voltage is. The power supply on the WiModem is designed to handle an input voltage of up to 10v max. The input voltage should be no more than 5v though, as that is what the C64 needs.

I am sending you a brand new unit.