Full Version: Pausing while typing
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Hey All,
  I have a few wimodem 232s. Recently I have seen some strange activity. 

While connecting to various Atari BBS’s when I type a message (or type anything for that matter) it has a habit to pausing for 1-5 seconds every so often.  This happens on all three of my modems. 

I have an Orbi router system with a satellite (extender) in the basement where I do my retro bbsing.  At first I thought the satellite was too far away from the modem (it did have a straight line of sight. ). Moved the satellite around trying to get better connections. Still the same issue. 

I didn’t have the time or convenience to run an Ethernet cable from the basement to the first floor where the main router is located. So I went with a MoCA 2.5gig system connecting the basement satellite to the main router. So in essence the basement is hardwired to the router. 

Still the same issues. 

I talked to some of the Atari community and read a bunch of stuff here trying to tweak some of the buffers and settings, but I still seem to have this issue. 

I don’t really have the ability to test the wimodem upstairs in the same room as the router. Maybe in the future I can try this. 

I am pretty confident this is a router -> wimodem issue, as all the modems have this symptom. I have one Atari 8 bit and 1 Atari 16 bit system with wimodems, so I don’t believe it is a symptom specific to the platform. 

All modems are updated to the November 2022 firmware. 

Any ideas or tweaks I can make to have the modem work a little smoother?

I think I covered all/most of the troubleshooting steps I have taken in the last few months. 

Thanks for any advice.
I have never heard of this type of problem, but considering that ALL of your WiModems do this, then I would think that this is a router or relay related issue. The WiModem only inputs and outputs data. it can not control the speed of data, other than being told to stop sending data when hardware handshaking is enabled.
That is kinda what I figured. I changed the 2.4 channel from auto to 11 and moved the 6.0 ghz cordless phone that was on my desk (not that that should interfere but one never knows) and it seemed to be better. Still present but not quite as bad. I will keep playing with the channels.

When I was having the worst issues it was transmitting on channel 1.
Hate to bump this but I had a question.

Granted I know nothing about how the wimodem internals work and stuff. I leave that to the pros.

I am still having some issues and I am aware it is mostly my wifi system. (Orbi) but when you do updates to your great software do the updates include any firmware updates to the wifi module?

I am sure it does but someone asked me the other day and I didn’t know, nor did I know if there were any module updates to be utilized.

Please don’t take this as any form of criticism I love my products and the support I was just wondering.

Thanks for all your hard work!
The updates are to the WiFi module - that is what controls everything.
I wanted to drop a line. I finally resolved my issue. As I suspected it had nothing to do with the wimodem (but I was checking all possible routes) it was all the MoCA adapters that were in the line the wimodem WiFi connection. Replaced the MoCA with Ethernet and all my issues were resolved. I am going to test the MoCA adapters elsewhere in the network to see if it causes a network wide issue or if it was just because the Wimodem was connecting through the MoCA adapter.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and apologize if this caused any consternation with the wimodrm software.
I am glad you got this sorted out! Thanks for the follow up.