Full Version: Commodores 100TPI
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Hi Folks,

so thankfull to found the Supercard Pro - a cheap and up to date device, thank You all.

My case: commodore 8050 special disk - witout going int deep, only option to copy it flux,
driven me to 100TPI hellĀ  Confused .
After learned several lessons of curiouseties and drawebacksi managed ist to find a working
Micropolis 1115-II (100TPI with and thats the point Shugard bus). It is hard to find but believe me...
not so hard community supposes to be.

Administrator sais, use 1.2MB to make it 100TPI, but where I have to configure what to do so,
because preset Floppys does't fit - so I expected to be able to textconfigure that Huh .

To all my commodore 100TPI fellow sufferers: I couldnt long find an answer to my MFM/GCR/Flux question:
commodore used 100TPI and GCR to find such a Floppy (Tandon 3m 4m) is mission impossible and
there are several GCR types so success of copying got farer away. And I couldnt answer the question how
do they all flux/rawcopy with GCR coding? Dodgy The answer came to me through long thinking and the
Micropolis 1115-II handbook. Through a certain input over Shugard Bus the GCR coding can be deactivated Idea ,
so MFM floppys can also be used for Fluxcopiing eg. cbm 8250 and all the 100TPI floppys.

So far I got some "invalid index search" and an error after supercard found 100TPI due to termination signal i suppose,
some documented settings on the floppy controller may also help to bring the 100TPI with Supercard to work.
I'd not wait any further - its excitment!!

All the best,
There are people using 100 TPI drives to backup their SFD1001 and 8250 disks. I am not sure what disk drive they are using though.