Full Version: [HELP] Making a Flux copy of the back side of ultima 3
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Has anyone tried making an flux backup (.scp) of an original disk Ultima III Exodus?

If so, how did you get the back side of the disk to image properly? I tried making a .scp file then converting it to g64, but it doesn't work.

I also tried making a g64 of the disk directly from the SCP program and skipping the flux image process (just to test).

Neither methods worked. I had to turn off the index sensor for reading for the back side of the disk. I tried making the image with both INDEX mode and SLICE. Neither method worked.

I set the program to copy 38 tracks. I did test my original on my C64 and 1571 drive and it worked fine.

The front side of the game did make a flux (.scp) image fine.

Any info is appreciated.

Send me a .scp dump of the backside using SPLICE mode, 2 revolutions, and I can rotate the tracks that so it works.

data @ cbmstuff.com
Thanks. Sending it over now.

Your drive is not reading the backside of the disk. If you are using a Panasonic JU-475 drive, then you likely have the wrong jumper settings for allowing the backside to be read without the index pulse.