Full Version: Firmware update 3.30 problems
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Hi, my wimodem was working fine and then this morning I updated the firmware to 3.30 now I can't connect to it
anymore. When I enter ATI or any command the characters entered are all wrong, a shows as a q and all other characters
are wrong. When I power up my wimodem it says it is looking for a router then it shows that it has found my router and everything
looks good I just can't talk to it, is there a way to reset it to the previous firmware? Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Your baud rate is set wrong. The default baud rate for the WiModem232 is 300 baud. Unless you deliberately change it to something else, and then save that change, it will always revert back to whatever baud rate is saved, with 300 baud being the default.

Firmware updates do not ever change any of your settings.
All sorted. It was set to 19200 then I changed it to 9600 to use with my Atari and then I did the firmware upgrade but I
had forgotten to save the settings and when I reset it the baud rate reverted back to 19200, guess I need to RTFM Smile