Full Version: Windows 95 DMF disks
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Just wondering if it is possible to backup and read/write the less popular PC DMF style disks?
I'm having trouble getting SCP to write them.
They aren't the normal style PC 1.44MB disks, they are the 1.68MB ones.
It comes up as C64/128 Splice mode after being converted to .SCP in HxCFloppyEmulator

I can't attach the file because it's over the limit for attachments.
SuperCard Pro is a flux imager/copier, so it doesn’t matter what upper level the disk format is. You can image 2.88MB disks and even hard drives with sub-microsecond bitcell times.

Just image the disk as a 1.44MB 3.5” disk. That sets the proper number of tracks/sides.

Get the latest version of HxC that fixes the disk type problem (although you can use the override option to work around that).
Awesome!. The newest version of HxC fixed it. Thanks!