Full Version: Hitachi FDD-412A 8 inch floppy drive
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Dear disk experts

I am trying to connect a Hitachi FDD-412A 8" floppy drive to my Supercard Pro. Unfortunately i do not have any documentation for this drive and its 50-pin IDC ribbon cable connector. It also seems impossible to find any details in the web Sad .
The only thing I understand: it is not a standard Shugart connector (NOT as documented under https://old.pinouts.ru/HD/8InchDisk.shtml)!

Has anybody successfully connected this kind of floppy drive? Who can deliver further information about IDC pinout, signals, ...?

The drive is connected to an Okuma Campus 5000 CNC System an data should be recovered to allow drive replacement.
As far as I know, the system works with SS and DS disks having SD and DD.
You can find pictures of the drive on http://www.retrocomputing.net/index.php/...Fotografie

Any help is appreciated - Thanks
Here are some images of the Drive ...


... and its PCB in more detail ...


... and the Controller PCB where it connected to
Trying to understand the pin assignments on the 50-pin IDC connector I followed the PCB traces ... still a work in progress.


I will also try to find some Okuma Maintenance Manuals.
With some of these old drives, "analog" really meant analog, requiring external circuitry to convert actual flux transitions.  With standard PC floppy drives, that is done internally by the drive electronics and what you get out on the READ DATA line is a digital pulse that represents the duration between flux transitions.

So, if the description of the signal is correct you would have to connect whatever card that is connected to drive to SCP's floppy port - not the drive itself.
Thank you for your reply. As far as I can see, the connected controller board only contains digital logic processing, but I will have to dig deeper as soon as I find some time.
Jeff from the HxC Floppy Emulator project discovered the NEC-D765AC on the floppy controller board. This will allow me to find the IDC pin assignments!
--> http://torlus.com/floppy/forum/viewtopic...780#p21991