Full Version: Syncronet BBS + multi fonts + SyncTerm errors
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I connected to a Syncronet BBS and once it got passed account creation and into the menus, it's using multiple fonts which SyncTerm for windows supports. If I connect directly via telnet (bypassing the modem) everything works as expected. If I use the USB-COM port to the modem it has a problem. Once the BBS enables the multiple fonts Syncterm messes up. I connected to a different system and it had a font change command sent through the pipe (to AMIGA style font) and it worked just fine.

I'm not sure why that command messes up on this one BBS only when using WiModem232.

There is a spec for the syncterm font switching commands: http://cvs.synchro.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.c.../cterm.txt search for the word FONT.
Sounds like it is expecting certain telnet escaping. You could try using AT*T1 before connecting.