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I noticed an issue when attempting to authenticate to telehack.com using with the WiModem and DesTerm 128.  Username is accepted, but the terminal hangs on password entry.  I was able to find someone else referencing this exact issue in an online forum, but there was no resolution.  It's possible the issue has to do with DesTerm and nothing to do whatsoever with the WiModem.  AT*T value = 1 .

I'd like to know if anyone has had success using the WiModem and any 80 column terminal software on the C128 to successfully authenticate to telehack.com .

Note: Telehack is a simulation of a stylized arpanet/usenet, circa 1985-1990.  Pretty neat stuff, more info here: http://telehack.com/telehack.html

It probably won't work because I don't support anything but the very basic TELNET commands.
(08-06-2018, 07:46 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]It probably won't work because I don't support anything but the very basic TELNET commands.

Would you consider including additional telnet commands in a future release? It's a really nice use of a retro terminal to connect to a Unix / mainframe host for services.
Can you let me know if the WiModem supports window size negotiation / RFC 1073?

Here are the client / server telnet protocol flows for a working session (telnet client = Ubuntu) in case it helps.

> telnet
>> Do Suppress Go Ahead
>> Will Terminal Type
>> Will Negotiate About Window Size
>> Will Terminal Speed
>> Will Remote Flow Control
>> Will Linemode
>> Will New Environment Option
>> Do Status

> telnet
>> Will Suppress Go Ahead

>> Will Echo
>> Do Negotiate About Window Size

> telnet
>> Do Echo
>> Suboption Negotiate About Window Size
>> Suboption End

>> Don't Terminal Speed

>> Don't Remote Flow Control
>> Don't Linemode
>> Don't New Environment Option
>> Won't Status
The WiModem doesn't support any commands. It returns WILL NOT or DO NOT for every request. This is enough for most telnet connections to negotiate. I added the AT*T command so you could at least log into a telnet portal, like: tty.sdf.org:23

There are literally hundreds of telnet commands, and none of these are necessary for what this product was designed for - logging on to BBS's. It would be a huge amount of work to add all of the commands, and it would slow down the communications because of having to parse every character going in and out.
Thanks for the response & insight on the WiModem.  Some good news: I can confirm that the WiModem /can/ work with telehack.com .  I was able to resolve the authentication issue by manually configuring the stty values for the session, prior to authentication, as follows:

stty tty
number of cols: 80
number of rows: 23
That's great news! I dread thinking about having to add all of the various commands! Smile