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I keep getting, "No Router Located." 

Apple iiGS/WiModem232 V2; 

AT*N shows all the networks and when I try either using SSID name directly (AT*SSID thessidname,passphrase) or (AT*NS#,passphrase) it doesn't work.

Now I am using Apple Airport Extremes. I do have an airport express daisy chained to one of them, so I don't know why but many times (including in this scenario), it's showing the guest network and the main network SSID twice.

Are certain encryption types not supported?
AES and TKIP are both supported (as well as open).

The router name or password can not contained any space (or non-ASCII) characters in it.
(06-20-2018, 05:58 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]AES and TKIP are both supported (as well as open).

The router name or password can not contained any space (or non-ASCII) characters in it.

Hmmm my router supports WPA and WPA2. Are these forms of that? If not I’ll have to open up the guest network or something.
WPA and WPA2 are the type, and use either AES or TKIP as the encryption.  OPEN, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are the supported types.

Try making a guest connection with a simple name.  The only time I have seen a problem like you describe is when the router name or password contains non-standard ASCII characters, or space characters.  You can use space characters in the router name if you use the AT*NS option,  but the password has to contain no spaces and standard ASCII characters.  If your router has a WPS button, you could also use that.
Ty. I have my router connected and password protected again. Seems to connect. Having other issues though. When I try atdt google.com:80 Only once did that work. Most times, such as now, it says error in PROTERM and it just freezers. I can reboot the software but the OLED on the wimodem continues to say google.com

I have to physically unplug the wimodem to clear that, if I try again, same deal.

Not sure what's going on. It's connected to my router...
What computer are using?  What cable are you using?  Since you are using ProTerm, that is for the Apple II series computers - did you follow the instructions for using ProTerm?  There is a thread specifically for Apple II computers and how to setup ProTerm.  If you don't have ProTerm setup correctly, it will hang.  You can always use +++ and ATH to disconnect from a site.

See here: https://www.cbmstuff.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=477
I actually got it now. ty.
(06-23-2018, 01:49 PM)mike6432 Wrote: [ -> ]I actually got it now. ty.

How did you manage?  Please can you share, as I' currently experiencing the same issue.

Mine has FW 3.00, I'm not sure how that's possible as it's not even listed on here as a released version!