Full Version: Request: Allow Network drive in SCP
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Just a small request to add in the software. As I store my scp images on my NAS, it would be convenient to allow networked drives to be selected in the file requester, which does not seem to be supported atm.

Thank you.

I invoke the Window file requestor so you can store across a network already. I store across the network myself.
For some reasons, it doesn't work for me.

I'm using Windows 10 latest version.

See screenshot.

You have to map the drive to a drive letter.

It is map to drive Z: already

Sorry the picture didn't show it.

Take a look at this one.

Then if you click on My Computer you will see all of the drive letters (C: D: E: etc.) and Z: will be there as well.

Actually, I am not using a drive letter, just a location mapping.  See screenshots below.
Still not there. Very strange...
I'm really stumped Smile
You should be able to open up Window's File Explorer (Windows Key + E) and click on "My PC" (in your case) and then click on the "Computer" tab. From there you can map a drive. You can select a network location, drive letter, etc. This is how Windows has worked since Windows 7, so I can imagine it not working on your version of Windows.
This is something that bites a lot of applications under Windows 10, due to security changes in the system. The fix I use for such applications (but haven't tried with the SCP software) is to load up regedit and add the key below:


Create a new parameter (DWORD type) with the name EnableLinkedConnections and the value 1

Close regedit and reboot your machine just to be sure, and this should allow you to access mapped drives from within applications.
I don't have this registry entry and I can access network drives. However, i did upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 Pro. Maybe that is the difference?