Full Version: sam440flex serial hangup
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Just tested the modem with a sam40flex and upon booting..it doesnt..Smile..sees the drive but says "press key to halt booting" and nothing else.so uninstalled it just to make sure..it boots fine without it.Any ideas?
What is a "sam40flex"?
Early Amiga os4 board from italian co. called Acube Systems.(Sam440)..my bad.
The WiModem232 is a modem emulator.  Are you using a modem cable (not a null-modem cable) or is the WiModem232 plugged directly into the computer?  It could be you have some setting wrong (like baud rate) for the WiModem232 that is necessary for this computer's possible serial debug data that is output on the serial port?  Try it with a real modem to see if the results are the same.