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If I may be so bold as to welcome myself to the forum....

We also maintain a list of Atari BBS's and recently there is a surge of BBS SysOps and users buying some of the WiModem232's.

If anyone is interested, the list is at www.sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php

Safe travels.... and great work on this wonderful device.
Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting that list!
oh, check also RapidFire BBS:


Running at Ultimat64 Elite with 38.400 Baud and C*Base System..
The home of Excess, Laxity and Fairlight.
Nice! Thanks for sharing!
Here is another BBS running on a WiModem232:

The DarkForce! BBS has also now completely switched to the WiModem 232.

Callers can reach us at:


Thanks for calling! Smile
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