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Hi all,

I very recently purchased Stunt Track Racer (Microplay Version) on Ebay and upon receiving it noticed that the write tab was in the write position. Unfortunately I discovered that the disk had been erased. The Ebay seller stated in the listing that the disk was unable to be tested. Anyway I couldn't be bothered contacting the seller and returning it back overseas since everything else about the game, such as box and contents, were in near mint condition and really wanted to keep it. Therefore I thought I would try to rewrite the disk with an SCP image found on the FTP.

Unfortunately the problem is that, while the image works in WinUAE, it does not work when written back to another floppy when doing some test writes. I have tried writing it back in both Index and Splice modes and have tried several different floppy drives all with the same result. All disks have come up as good in the SCP media test. I can't work out what's going on.

Would it be possible if someone could have a look at that image and find out what the deal is with it?

Anyway, thanks guys for your help, it is very much appreciated. If I'm violating any rules here, please feel free to delete my post.

Kind Regards.
Have you tried writing the image to a different disk? It could be the original disk is actually bad. You could use SCP's media integrity test to verify if the disk is actually good. Since the disk is already erased, it won't matter if you run the test on the disk - which does erase the disk when doing the test.

Where is the disk image you are referring to? I have never seen a case where the image works in UAE but won't write correctly.
The image is found on the SCP FTP server under the Amiga section. If you cannot find it I can email it to you if you wish.

I have tried writing the image to several different floppy disks including writing over the original disk. They all come up as good when doing a media test in SCP program. Also tried several different drives.

I just can't seem to get a working floppy out of that image.
Which SCP FTP server?
(12-06-2016, 03:45 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Which SCP FTP server?

The one at ftp.retrobackup.com (this forum seems to automatically put a "http://" at the start of any link posted in a message). I obtained the details to this server when I signed up to this forum. The details were listed in a post in the "Portal" section which, for some reason, has since disappeared. I naturally assumed that this was the official SCP FTP server. As I said, if you are unable to find it, I can email the image to you.

I found an archive of the post. It was titled "Retro backup - cloud server" and dated 11-15-2014 and was posted by Admin.

EDIT: My apologies. I had originally thought the FTP server had been officially setup by Supercard Pro makers themselves but I can see it apparently wasn't. Therefore I made the assumption everyone knew what I was talking about. Smile
No, that FTP was setup by a customer. There are several various FTP sites around hosting images.
Did anyone get a chance to check the image out to see why a working floppy wasn't able to be created from it? Or would someone like me to email it?
I will grab the file and take a look at it.
Ok cool. Thank you very much for that.
The image on RetroBackup works under WinUAE, but it does not seem to work writing it back using SPLICE mode. The disk was not indexed, so this was probably a copy of a copy. I will look to see why the SPLICE mode is failing. It should work, but there are some cases I know of where it doesn't. The original disk is index'd and would not be a problem.
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