Full Version: Just got my SCP Monday and it ROCKS!! Thanks to everyone in the forum too!
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I'd like to thank everyone in this forum section. It helped me figure out how to deal with the error 53 when trying to run SCP. Just gotta go and rig up a case or whatever and buy a few more floppy drives from ebay. Going to run a few backups over the weekend and test with what drives i currently have! I absolutely like the interface and the fact that i don't have to mess around with any command line dribble like I had to do with the other board i had.

Keep up the great work Jim!! Looking forward now to the FPGA Arcade and any of your other up coming projects. I just got back into the retro kick about a year ago and these devices take it to the next level!

Good to hear you have things up and running, Mike! Let me know if you have any questions!