Full Version: Terminal software for WB 1.3
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Hi all,

Can anybody recommend or post experience which software to use with Amiga's Workbench 1.3? 

I am currently using ATalk III with the WIFImodem232 pro, but having a hard time accessing BBS with good results.

- so which software is recommended ?
- and what are the best settings ?
I am not sure that any "modern" terminal works with Workbench 1.3. You are probably going to need Workbench 2.04 or later.
I would recommend JrComm if running Workbench 1.3.

Also good for unaccelerated Amigas.
I use JR Comm myself, which requires Workbench 2.04. Maybe an older version supports OS1.3?
Jim, I assure you that JrComm 1.02a (the final release) works just fine under Workbench 1.3. I used it back in the day and still do in the present under Workbench 1.3. It works so well, that it is basically my go-to terminal software for that version of Workbench.

The OP mentioned ATalk III. That is another decent Workbench 1.3 compatible terminal program but has more limitations and less capability compared to JrComm.
That's great news. I am using JR Comm 2.0, so perhaps that is when the switch to requiring OS2.x and later was made.
Ohh...I see now. JrComm 2.0 was renamed to TERMINUS! And, yes, that does require Workbench 2.x and above.

Too bad the author ceased updating it. I was really an unfinished product in my opinion.