Full Version: WiModem232 Pro vs WiModem232
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Here is information on the hardware differences between the WiModem232 Pro and original WiModem232:

Description                      WiModem232 Pro          WiModem
RAM                                        500K                        80K
Code Space                              4MB                        1MB
CPU speed                          160MHz                        80MHz
WiFi speed                          150Mbps                      65MBps
Display                         TFT or OLED                      OLED or none
Power                               Micro USB                      Mini USB
Status LEDs               7 red + 1 RGB                      1 RGB only
Case available                             Yes                       No

The WiModem232 Pro also features the ability to have the 7 status LEDs connected via wires to external LEDs.  There is also the possibility of having audio output (amplifier required) for playing MP3 sounds.

The TFT screen is a full color 160x80 display.  The OLED is 128x64 with 8 pixels (out of the 64 height) being yellow, with the remainder in blue.

The WiModem232 Pro TFT version comes with a custom 3D resin printed case.   The WiModem232 Pro OLED version does not have a case, but there is a 3D printer (STL) file that is provided so that you can print your own. The TFT display is very bright, colorful, and easy to read.  Some people like the more retro look of the OLED screen.

The firmware for the WiModem232 Pro is based on the original, but expands on the number of options and number of available entries of those options.  For examples, the phone book now has 50 entries, the banned list has 50 entries, and the log list has 50 entries.