Super Expansion Board Case Design
Been working on a design for the DE10-Nano and the Super Expansion Board.  Started with just the DE10-Nano case, and have been working towards Jim's board.

The nice compact design of the board has afforded me the ability to make a very slim case.  It's only 4.2mm thicker than my case that houses the DE10-Nano and SDRam XS board.  Amazing design Jim!

Here are a few renders of the case.  I still have a few modifications to go, but the bulk of the work is behind me.  The combined boards fit nicely inside the case with LOTS of airflow.  It's a fairly elaborate case in terms of parts, utilizing 10 heatsets and screws to keep it all together.  The silver colored center vent (that looks like a fan), is just another style of vent incorporated into the lid.  The fan included on the Super Expansion Board is beneath that.

Comments are of course always appreciated.


[Image: 2019-02-26-14h02-56.jpg] [Image: 2019-02-26-14h03-12.jpg] [Image: 2019-02-26-14h03-32.jpg] [Image: 2019-02-26-14h03-50.jpg]
Awesome work (as always)!! Sign me up! Smile
Thanks very much for the kind comment.

Here are some real-world photos of the prototype.  Still have a bit of work to do, but it functions quite well already.

Although I don't find that I use the push buttons on the surface, the next change I'm going to apply to the design is to expose the buttons through the lid.  That and some internal board supports and lid adjustments and the case will be done.


[Image: IMG-7914.jpg] [Image: IMG-7921.jpg] [Image: IMG-7929.jpg] [Image: IMG-7940.jpg]
Yeah, that thing is tiny!  Looks amazing!

I am out of Super Expansion Boards.  I have another batch of 1000 units coming in about 20 days.  Let me know when you get this done and I will put a direct link from the shopping cart info to the case.

Great to hear your boards are selling well! Posting a link to the case will be very much appreciated.

I'll get you the link as soon as it's ready!

I'm pleased to say that the case is done!

Really happy with how it turned out.  The boards stay nice and cool, and the button extensions through the lid work nice.  I kept the buttons virtually flush with the lid.  They rise above the surface of the lid about a mm.  I find they're a really nice convenient height.

[Image: sm-IMG-7947.jpg] [Image: sm-IMG-7955.jpg] [Image: sm-IMG-7961.jpg]
[Image: sm-IMG-7969.jpg] [Image: sm-IMG-7977.jpg]

I've posted the following link to my shop where you can choose one in your desired color, with whatever options you'd like.

One thing that I've done with this case is added the ability for those with 3D printers to tinker a bit with this case in that the fan shaped vent in the center could be replaced with anything.  Beneath the lid, you'll notice that the fan shaped vent is held in place with two screws.  If you happen to have your own 3D printer, you could design your own center vent for this case and install it using the provided screws.  So, there is that flexibility if you wanted to dream up some other style of center vent in the lid to personalize your case.  Obviously, it works just fine as is... but those who want to tinker certainly can.

If you have any questions about it, please do let me know.


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