Copying C64 disks progress colors
When I copy C64 disks in Splice mode, I get a Aqua Color for the READ and a slightly darker color when it writes. What colors should you
see when copying disks. I tried copying Law of the West Rapid-Lok V1, and the copy shows a directory, but when attempting to
load on real hardware the screen fills with @ symbols and then all activity stops, I was able to copy Karateka after a few tries. I have 6-7 different floppy drives, two teac 55-gfr 1.2 orange label drives, and two teac 720k 55-fr green label drives, a JVC mdf-200 360k, a Mitsubishi MF-501A 360k and a Fujitsu 1.2m M2553K-83b drive, they all seem to copy about the same, hit or miss, sometimes Karateka loads sometimes it doesn't, but Law of the west attempts to load, it does a directory just fine, but does the @ symbols fill screen. and I adjust 48tpi and 96tpi depending on 360k or 1.2M the green label teac drives are 96tpi. the speed test works fine, and verify media works on all drives. And I have been cleaning the heads with disk cleaner and isopropyl alcohol. but the screen colors only change when switching between Splice and Index.

Jim what should I be seeing for the square block progress colors as it is copying tracks in read and write mode for both Index and Splice mode ?

The colors are different between INDEX and SPLICE modes. You should be copying everything commercially made using INDEX mode, not SPLICE. Also remember if the original disk has no write protect tab, you MUST put a write protect tab on it! Just about every commercial program checks to see if the write protect tab is cut out and won't load!

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