ETA on the WiModem-232?
(11-07-2017, 10:32 PM)admin Wrote: Me too!  This has taken a lot longer to get resolved due to the various computer systems that I wanted it compatible with.

Looking forward to testing it on the Coleco Adam!
Wow, that will be a new one! What baud rate does it support? Does it support hardware handshaking?
(11-09-2017, 03:35 PM)admin Wrote: Wow, that will be a new one!  What baud rate does it support?  Does it support hardware handshaking?

Sorry my facility with some computer matters is deficient! I think it can hardware shake?

I'm currently using a Hayes 9600 baud modem with an RS-232 port expansion. I'm calling a POTS BBS - Cottonwood, as well as The Hidden Reef. Not sure if that context helps suggest what the Adam could do with the WiModem. I think the max rate is 19,200 baud.
Thanks for the info, I look forward to hearing the results.

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