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SX-64 Ultra Reset 
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Floppy Drive Cable


Floppy Drive Cable - (NOS)

These brand new cables plug directly into SuperCard Pro and allow you to use either a single 5.25" drive, a 5.25" drive and a 3.5" drive, or two 3.5" drives. The twist in the cable is for the Drive 0 selection. All other drives on the cable will appear as Drive 1. ~22" (550mm) long, plenty for any setup!

List Price: $12.95
Price: $4.95

Hesmon 64 cartridge


Hesmon 64 Cartidge

Note: we only have Hesmon 64 cartridges without labels, so all cartridges received will be a blank, unlabeled plastic box

Hesware's HES MON 64 cartridge for Commodore 64 or Commodore 128. These cartridges are the most popular machine language monitor for the Commodore series. These are BRAND NEW, never used. Thousands of these cartridges were purchased back in the mid-late 80's to be included with the books on cracking Commodore software (Lockpick book series). This inventory is what is left after the books sold out.

Click here to see the manual.

List Price: $29.95
Price: $9.95

Kickstart board


Kickstart Board - Amiga ROM switch board for Amiga A500/2000/2500

Ever wanted to be able to switch between different Kickstart ROMs? This is the original Utilities Unlimited Kickstart board. These are new old stock, with modern clip leads. Installation is simple, just attach the two clip leads to various locations on the Amiga motherboard. You can select which ROM to boot from using the joystick port fire buttons, mouse buttons, or various keyboard key combinations.

Click here to see the installation documentation.

List Price: $54.95
Price: $39.95

Jason Ranheim PCC-4 Compatible EPROM Cartridge


Jason Ranheim PCC-4 Compatible EPROM Cartridge w/Case

These are BRAND NEW, never installed or used. These are the genuine Super Cartridge boards manufactured by Utilities Unlimited or Oregon, Inc.

You can use the Jason Ranheim cartridge creation software (Menu Maker) that comes with the Promos/Promenade to build your own cartridge configuration. Disk images of the original Jason Ranheim software are available on various CBM sites. Since we do not own the copyright for the Jason Randheim software, we can not provide it to you.

Bare board only - no case!

List Price: $29.95
Price: $9.95

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