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SuperCard Pro
SuperCard Pro

Super Card Pro

The ultimate disk archiving hardware! The SuperCard Pro hardware and software gives you the most advanced flux level copier/imager/converter system available today!

Make backup copies of your old 5.25" or 3.5" floppy disks directly to another disk, or store the data as a flux image file (.scp) for later use, including converting to a format that can be used by various computer emulators.

The SuperCard Pro can be driven from a USB port or be a stand alone device, driven by one of its two serial ports. Currently only PC driver software is available.

The SuperCard Pro software will always be a work in progress, updated as we find different disk formats to support. Software updates will always be free. The SuperCard Pro board's CPU can be reflashed through the USB interface, so hardware capabilities can be changed as needed.

Current status:

At this time SuperCard Pro can automatically duplicate any disk that was written with the data starting and ending at the index pulse. The majority of all commercial programs were created this way. 99% of Atari ST, Amiga, Atari 400/800, and a few other lesser known systems had their commercial disks created this way. So far, it appears that TRS-80, Roland, TI-99/4A, CP/M, and a few other systems were always done this way. There is also support for non-index copied disks, focusing currently on the Commodore 64/128 software and we are working towards 100% for all systems automatically through the copier. Using the Analyzer program, it is possible to duplicate 100% of everything written on standard circular tracks, regardless of their relation to the index pulse. There are some protection schemes that look for data as the head steps and those can not be duplicated reliably using a PC drive, but we can duplicate those programs on the native system.

SuperCard Pro supports writing to the backside of a disk, even without an index pulse available, by simply flipping the disk over. We will be adding support for the No-Flip ("flippy") mod.

Future features:

The SuperCard Pro hardware uses a bi-directional floppy bus. This means that it can become a floppy drive emulator. This firmware update is not available to the public yet, but that is being worked on and will be made available at no charge. The emulator will use flux level files, meaning that copy protected disk images will work just like you were using a real floppy drive. Both read and write support will be available. Note: the price of SuperCard Pro will increase once this firmware is available, so early adopters will benefit with this free upgrade!

Another planned feature is a low-level, cycle exact 1541 disk drive emulator. There is a 6 pin expansion port on the SuperCard Pro that is for an adapter (available separately) to use a standard Commodore IEC connector. You would use a standard Commodore serial cable between the IEC adapter and your Commodore 64/128, and the SuperCard Pro becomes a 1541 disk drive! Again, using flux level images, copy protected disks will load just like the original.

Requirements (items not included):

PC floppy drive - 5.25" or 3.5".
34 pin floppy interface cable (available in the online store).
Power supply for the drive.
Note: 3.5" disk drives can be powered directly from the SuperCard Pro when connected via USB to a PC.


CPU: PIC24HJ256GP210A @160MHz (40 MIPs)
RAM: 512K of static RAM for local storage
USB: FTDI FIFO, full speed
Serial: dual ports, 110-1M baud
Storage: micro-SD card slot
Interface: bi-directional 34 pin floppy drive

Click here to see the manual.

Click here to download the full installer.

List Price: $149.95
Price: $99.95

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