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Installation videos in a 1541:

The ultimate digital track display (and more) for your Commodore 1541 disk drive!

The Super Tracker II displays the current track (including half-track), density level, write protect status, drive motor status, and number of syncs on a track. The SuperTracker II can also control an auxiliary output which can be used to set the disk drive's device number, or even for switching between two different drive ROMs!

With it's ability to record and playback up to to 1500 different changes, there is no mystery about what tracks were used while loading a program! You can determine copy-protection checks with certainty now!

The Super Tracker II is offered as two versions, a complete plug-n-play version ready to use (picture 4), and a version for those that want to do their own wiring (picture 5). The Super Tracker II board is fully assembled and tested.

You can choose either a standard size or micro size push button switch.  Plug-n-play version comes ready to use with your switch option.

Kit version requires soldering one cable end and the switch option you choose.

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Super Tracker II

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