Port config problem with WiModem
I am trying to run a BBS on my C64 using the WiModem. I am able to access other BBS systems through my C64 but cannot connect to my BBS from an external computer.

I forwarded the internal and external ports in my router to 6400 and 1541 but neither ports are detected as open when I test them with a port checking tool.

Executing the ATI command does show that the incoming port is set to 6400 and the outgoing port is 1541. My router asks for an internal and external port in the forwarding settings which are directed to the WiModem.

Any help would be appreciated. Angel

You should be able to "call" your BBS locally, using just WiModem's IP address and port. For accessing the BBS outside of your local network (like via another computer somewhere else, your phone on cellular data, etc.) You are going to need to setup a virtual IP. I use NO-IP myself (www.noip.com) for doing this.

Verify first that you can connect locally by using some device that has access with a terminal program on the same network.
I made progress yesterday but the BBS software does not answer the call for some reason.

Setting the WiModem to connect to the regular Wi-fi rather than guest Wi-Fi was the first step. I then forwarded port 6400 (internal and external). This had the WiModem ring and connect from my computer outside of the network.

Unfortunatly, the BBS itself did not display 'ring' and obviously did not answer. This BBS also has the option of running a separate terminal mode which did display 'ring' and executing the ATA command did make a connection. No luck having the BBS connect though.

Any thoughts?
I am not sure why you would ever forward anything as it is definitely not necessary if you are using a local network connection (connecting from any device on the same network as the WiModem).

What BBS software? Have you read the manual for the BBS software to see if it is looking for the DCD to change as opposed to looking for 'RING'? If so, then you need to enable the auto-answer setting, just as you would with a real modem. You can do that by using ATS0=x, where 'x' is the number of 'rings' before automatically answering the incoming call. Most people use ATS0=1.

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